Recently, two of the banks in downtown Centralia have closed.

I was searching for a reason when I realized many people do their banking on the internet, so we lose employees and banks in town.  I guess I am just old fashioned, but I not only feel safer doing business with someone I can talk with, but someone I can talk with if I am having a problem. 

I am pleased our oldest bank is still going strong here in Centralia and Chehalis. Security State Bank will always be with us. Thank you Security State. 

Lately I have seen many ads on TV for an online auto parts supplier that promises all the parts your car will ever need. 

If many local mechanics buy online from them, there are eight or nine local car parts outlets that will go out of business. Yes, the internet is great, but remember that if you do most of your business that way, you are possibly helping someone you know lose their local job. 

Whenever you possibly can, please shop and buy locally. 

Let’s keep our neighbors working.


Harlan Thompson


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The price of a favorite bottle of wine is twice as much in Toledo as it is at Costco. A can of popular motor oil can be had for $11 and change for $22 a case at Costco. I hear the same complaint from almost all when shop local comes up.

B Reynolds

You make a semi-valid argument. I would argue that the value of shopping local is dependent on what is needed. For a huge shopping trip (a couple hundred dollars or more), Costco is probably better; but for most of the shopping I do (i.e. a few urgent items to complete a meal or hardware to repair a bed frame or mower), local is far better. As an example, the closest Costco to Toledo is in Tumwater, approximately 44 miles (43 minutes) away, one way. This results in a round trip of about 88 miles, and 86 minutes. Assuming 30 miles to the gallon (probably less if you really need that much oil) and approximately $3.00 per gallon, we are looking at about $9.00 for fuel. Assuming we have a quick trip through the parking lot and through the store – about 35 minutes on site. Adding drive time (assuming no traffic), we just spent two hours going to Costco. Our time has value… I for one do not cherish two hours of shopping and would much rather spend time relaxing on the deck. My wife and I earn (combined) approximately $80.00 an hour at our jobs, so this trip just cost us about $169.00 not including wear and tear on the car (maybe we should get that case of oil too!) So… when all is considered, that “twice-the-price†bottle of wine may be the better deal by far! I like having a local supermarket, hardware store, and other businesses and will support them when possible.


I don't mind paying a reasonable elevated price for a immediately needed item but, while at the store it would be nice to shop for some more than less than immediate items/item without feeling empty about the transaction. Not spporting local is not an issue when possible. BTW, $80,000 combined salary is a salary that would completly change my attitude about filling a large grocery list. Being on Social security makes that not a possible option. Still, I value our local business' along with your opinion. Cheers there.

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