Two to three weeks ago I called the office of Jaime Herrera Beutler and said, “I am a constituent from Longview and I am in favor of impeachment,” and the gentleman in the office hung up on me! I did not expect my opinion to sway her, but as a constituent, I wanted my preference noted. I redialed and said “I am a constituent from Longview and I believe you hung up on me”. He hung up again! 

I wrote her a polite email describing the incident and requested a reply. I am still waiting for a response.

Is this how Herrera Beutler represents the people of southwest Washington? Only those with whom she agrees? Is it acceptable to treat those with whom she disagrees rudely? She was elected to represent all of us. We are her employers and by extension, we employ the people who work in her office. How would it work if any of us hung up on our employers twice and then did not respond to their letter? We would be out of work and Herrera Beutler should be as well.


Sue Sturdevant


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Come on, Sue. You knew all along. You are little people to her, and your opinion doesn't matter. She is perfectly comfortable knowing you'll vote for her again, anyway.


Sadly, Rep. Herrera Beutler seems to be expert at finding ways to avoid being accountable to her constituents. My calls to her office have always been answered, and I’ve found her staff to be quite polite overall to their credit. However, on one call they asked for my mailing address for “verification” purposes, and I gave it. After that, I never received another mailer from her office. I noticed the change because my husband and I have different last names and would receive separate mailers. Following the call in which they took down my address – and during which I voiced positions in disagreement with Herrera Beutler’s – only my husband has received constituent mailers from her office since then. Is this a pattern that she is finding ways to cut people who don’t agree with her out of political engagement with her as our congresswoman?

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