It was former speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, who said that there is no Republican party.  He indicated that a Cult of Trump is what the party he once led in the House has become.

Today, in November of 2019, we are witnessing the lengths to which this cult will go to protect their chosen one.

Recently, in what can best be described as a coordinated act of terroristic violence undertaken at the behest of the White House, thirty five GOP members of the House figuratively broke down the doors guarding our nation against mob rule.  They demonstrated, by violating not only the rules of the House of Representatives, but Federal Law that there is nothing they won’t do, no institution they won’t defile, no witness they won’t intimidate, in order to obey the wishes of the most unqualified and unfit person to ever occupy the Oval Office. Even more recently Jim Jordan, one of the attack dogs of the cult has been attacking the whistleblowers doing their duty to report wrongdoing by government  officials.

In attacking these people Jordan is engaging in conduct that is bullying, unbecoming a member of Congress, intimidating witnesses to a government investigation, and obstructing justice.

Obstruction of justice is a federal crime—as is witness intimidation.

Jim Jordan must be censured for these actions immediately.  If our nation is to be a nation of laws no one can be above the law.  Not the President of the United States, and certainly not a Congressman from Ohio.


Alan Mahood


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LOLOLOL!! In psychology terminology, it's called "projection."

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