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I am outraged at this illegal spreading of COVID-19 and blatant denial of common sense restrictions put on everyone. You are not above the law and are an insult to the rest of citizens and business’s suffering closure! You think you know better? You do not!  

All you need to get yourselves tested and pay fines for every case of COVID tied to your business! Forever marked as anarchists. Sheriff Snaza needs to be arrested for dereliction of duty!

Roxane Jude


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Thank you Roxane for your common sense. I truly do not get it. Personally I think anyone who s not wearing a mask and gives someone Covid needs to pay all those medical bills.Such a thing happened to my Grandson. He was wearing a mask but the rest of his group thought it was stupid. Well several of them got Covid. You people need to be arrested for attempted murder IMO


So, with your reasoning, should all the school districts in the area be sued for attempted murder if teachers or students get Covid from a student who is on campus? Some schools are forcing their teachers to eat lunch in their classrooms with their students. No masks. What about that?


I am appalled at the audacity of Roxane to criticize Lewis County when she (I assume) lives in Seattle. How are the business closures working out for you in Seattle and King County where King County is reporting 400 to 500 (published daily numbers by the media) new cases a day or about 12,000 to 15,000 new cases per month and businesses are closing right and left?

Shibas1, what was your grandson doing at a group get together? That is supposed to be against the guidelines and mandates. Where is the enforcement in your family?

I have recently been in Costco, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Home Depot and Lowes.. I have also been to Spiffy's. Based upon my personal observation, the people density and therefore risk is much higher at Costco, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Home Depot and Lowes. There were a lot of people not wearing masks (in counties other than Lewis) and others who were not wearing them properly (leaving their nose uncovered for example). Most of the masks people use are only partially effective anyway and lead to a false sense of security.

So, where is the actual data that says small businesses that take precautions (like Spiffy's) are much worse than the bigger businesses that are allowed to operate? By the way, I do wear a mask but that is my choice and not due to mandate.


How do you eat while wearing a mask?

Frosted Flake


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