I am amazed. I have received my 2020 real estate value change notice and found that the value of the 99-year-old house and land where I live has increased by 45.2 percent over 2019’s evaluations. Living in the western hinterland of Lewis County makes it hard for me to believe that Lewis county rivals the states of California and New York for raising real estate values. Since the 2019 physical inspections were made in Adna, Boistfort, Evaline, Napavine and Pe Ell School Districts, I can only conclude that many more than just I have been amazed this past week. Since the current physical inspections only covered one-sixth of the county, I can only surmise that the more populated areas of the county to be inspected over the next five years will also join the amazed group.

I want to congratulate the assessor for taking a first bold step in eliminating Lewis County’s current budget problems.


Bill Wood,

Pe Ell

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You haven't seen anything yet. Just wait till the State Education system and local School districts factor in their shortcomings. Some folks might need to be taking out loans against their property and homes to pay the state and county education taxes. We're rapidly catching up to King County and California with ridiculous increases.


Did you all notice that these huge property taxes increases came out just ...AFTER all the school bonds and levies were passed? When will the tax payers ever figure out their games? How dumb is dumb?


I also was shocked by a 30+% increase. I spoke with one of the appraisers who was to call and arrange an in-home inspection. I got the increase notice instead of the phone call and appointment. I will be seeking both informal and formal appeal relief if necessary. I'm pretty sure those $600,000 sales aren't the only comparable ones around. I hope to be able to share positive results in the near future.

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