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A few weeks back you guys did a story on Lewis County commissioners and local government employees’ children. The commissioner proposed that the children of these local government employees would be given a private tutor, and be able to do their schooling with this tutor in government owned empty office buildings. 

While the rest of the children in Lewis County have to stay home, their parents are having to quit their jobs or scramble to find childcare. 

I have not been able to find a follow up piece on this, and the Moms of Lewis County group would like to know what the result of this proposal was. We have heard rumors that it passed but no official word, and we are unsure how to find out. 

We would greatly appreciate it if there was an update to this story, or if you could email me back and let me know how to find the info myself so I can let the local moms in the group know what is going on.


Natasha Baggett


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