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A vote for Carolyn Long for Congress is a vote for someone who has a deep understanding of the issues facing this country. She will go to Washington D.C. and truly represent all the people of Southwest Washington. Long believes in listening and having those hard discussions that get to the heart of the matter rather than political doublespeak.

I urge you to go to Carolyn Long’s website and read her pandemic recovery plan. It covers both the problems and the actions needed to help our country move forward. She points out the critical role that small businesses and working families play in the success of our nation’s recovery. Long’s plan includes the role of affordable healthcare and rural hospitals, and the need for repairing and rebuilding our infrastructure for the sake of the economy, jobs, and safety of our citizens. She outlines the immediate needs as well the necessity of a strong pandemic plan for the future.

It’s time to have a representative that listens to the people of Southwest Washington, asks questions, and seeks a real exchange of ideas. The incumbent Jaime Hererra Beutler has not shown up in an open public meeting in years. Calls to her D.C. office or in person visits to the staff office hours in Chehalis provides no information regarding her position on critical issues. Without exception, staff representatives use the standard line: “I haven’t talked to her about that today.” Join me in voting for a person of integrity who welcomes dialogue and will provide collaborative leadership to get things done, Carolyn Long.


Bonnie Blake


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Vandenberg Law

Carolyn Long doesn't represent me, any people I associate with or the majority of the citizens of Lewis County if you look at the Primary results. I find it fascinating that so many people who post letters to the editors are so unrepresentative of the typical Lewis County voter. Please peddle your propaganda in Clark County.....it doesn't sell well here.


Thanks for sharing this opinion! Long surely doesn't represent our opinions or Inslee and I don't see that Long has any intention of incorporating these views in her way of legislating along with other democrats whose opinions are in stark opposition to what we hold as conservative values and understanding of the Constitution of the USA and Truth.


Er, what you mean is it doesn't sit well with you, but it sits rather well with me and every single person I know in Lewis County, so put that in yer pipe and smoke it. :)


Excellent letter, Bonnie! And I would bet Vandenberg Law never attended even one of Carolyn Long's nearly 50 in-person town halls in 2016, nor any of the public Facebook live events, etc. He/she has probably never met and talked with her, but is so quick to condemn her. My husband and I have seen her interact with people who don't agree with her and she treats them with respect, listens to what they have to say, explains her own opinion, and often they find some common ground. That's how our government should work and we won't find a way forward in this country if each side is so entrenched in their positions. That doesn't seem to be working too well, does it?


I meant 2018, sorry!

Concerned Vet

Great letter, Bonnie. Jaime talks a lot about sea lions and a bridge over I 5, but what we need in Lewis County is better access to good health care. The Chronicle reported that the uninsured rate in Lewis County has been cut in half since the Affordable Care Act was passed, yet Jaime admits voting 80 times to try to repeal it (without a plan to replace it) and she continues to support Trump in working to repeal it through the courts. That is not providing good representation to our county or our district. Just because Jaime has name-recognition since she has been our Rep for so many years does not mean she is representing all of us well. It is her job to do so, but she fails on many issues. After meeting and talking with Carolyn Long at the town hall she held in 2018 at the Veteran's Museum in Chehalis, I believe she will be an excellent Representative for everyone in our district and I will be voting for her again.


I totally agree with you Bonnie Blake--your comments are right on the mark.


Oh my goodness! Vote for democrats and you are voting for the disruptive mess in Seattle and Portland. Vote common sense. Vote for Jamie!


The Democrats screw up everything wherever they go. So if you like high unemployment, millions on food stamps, open borders so we taxpayers can support all the freeloaders that will be pouring across the Border, an end to fracking and offshore drilling so we can be dependent on OPEC, Russia and Venezuela for oil. Go ahead and show off your Stupidity and vote for the America hating Democrats.

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