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Tonight while walking my dog, I was approached by a large, loose, aggressive dog, with no owner in sight. This is not the first time my dog and I have been approached in a confrontational way by a large off leash dog. This dog harassed me and my dog, with hostile body language, and if I tried to walk away with my dog with my back turned, this dog would run at us until I turned around, only staying back about 40 feet if I was waving my arms around, facing the dog, screeching at it. Since it was past 10 p.m., I felt bad for any of my neighborhood who may have been bothered by my shrieking at this big uncollared Doberman that was stalking us, but I also had to keep mine and my dog’s safety in mind. 

If the fine people of Centralia would keep their dogs either on leash, as is the law, or in their house or yard, I wouldn’t have to worry about being attacked by loose dogs. I also would not have to worry about my dog being attacked by loose dogs, and I would not have to worry about being a bother to my neighbours when I have to loudly vocalise to strange dogs to stay away from me and my dog. 

This is not the first time that I have seen this particular dog at large. Please, dog owners, if you like your pets, please keep them safely at home. They could get hit by cars, they could be stolen, or maybe they attack a small child and your dog gets deemed officially “a dangerous dog.”

Leash laws protect everyone.


Mohney Parke-Fagerness


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I agree, and would also like to mention the fact that if you have a large "aggressive" dog please be aware that even if you have them on the leash or in a fenced yard, they can still possibly get away from you. Take appropriate measures to ensure "all" will be safe. Including your dog.


Why should a stray dog threatening you require a leash law? Kill it if it attacks. Problem will not recur. I'm not going to negotiate with an attacking dog, nor am I going to call someone for help when it's too late.

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