We have several people running for school board. This is interesting, since the school district has released budget information on its website showing a huge case of overspending. I can’t help but wonder if this is related to the teacher strike and the 24 percent raise that resulted. Now the district is facing a $2.8 million dollar deficit.

I think that Jami Lund has been a lone voice of reason on the school board. He warned us about the harm of giving teachers so much more money than the state provided. It is going to take the same kind of reasonableness to get the district back on sound financial footing.

Jami Lund cares about the services families get from the district, and warned us that these strike-produced raises would hurt the services families receive.

Please vote to keep Lund on the school board, so at least we can get the truth about what is happening in the school district budgets.


Jennifer West


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