It really amazes me that the Democrats would try to stand on the constitution while having a politically biased based impeachment hearing.  Nobody gets to ask questions that will bring out the truth, nobody gets to call witnesses except the Democrats, nobody gets admitted to their secret deposition meetings. No evidence of wrongdoing by the president, none, zero. Nothing but conjecture and hearsay, no facts to confuse the issues.  

Have you read the transcript of the phone call? The Democrats had not read the transcript when they announced impeachment proceedings, too bad, we would not have had to watch the Democrats trash the constitution while claiming to protect it. Hypocrisy rules the Democratic party. Have you seen the video of Joe Biden telling his buddies about not giving the billion dollars to Ukraine unless they fired the person investigating his son’s company? The democrats claim the president thinks he is above the law. Why don’t they prosecute Biden for quid pro quo? Because the Democrats feel they are above the law. None of the democratic editorial submitters will answer these questions. 

Trump will win the 2020 election just like in 2016 when the only people colluding with the Russians were the DNC and Hillary Clinton.  When Hillary destroyed her emails after receiving a subpoena for those emails, she obstructed justice, when Schiff denies questioning by republicans, he is obstructing justice.  Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic party calling for impeachment with no facts, no crime, is abuse of power. The Democrats are accusing the president of the crimes they have been committing themselves. 

Democrats claim that military assistance to Ukraine is important to protect their border and essential to our national security. First, the Ukraine got the military aid requested without doing anything in return. Democrats want our border to be completely open so any terrorist can simply walk into the country and demand to be taken care of by the government. Our border is essential to national security. Why is it so hard to see the complete lunacy of these two Democratic  stances? Simple, President Trump wants it, we hate him, so we are now against the security of our own border.

Here’s how the president abused his power: lowest unemployment in fifty years, lowest black and Hispanic unemployment ever, new trade agreements with Canada and Mexico, China releasing tariffs on farming products and a new trade agreement pending, 266,000 new jobs in November and many factories returning to the United States. Wow, how abusive is that? What have the Democrats done in the last three years? Nothing but waste taxpayer money.

It is obvious that the Democrats hate Trump so much they are willing to lie (Adam Schiff), cheat (fabricate crimes) and degrade the fabric of constitutionality in our country and blame their behavior on President Trump.

The Inspector General report confirms the illegal activity that government agencies and the DNC did during the 2016 election. I am patiently waiting for indictments. The Democrats are not.


 Kevin Turner





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Read the letter by Frank Hackett. It provides a nice, factual summary. You have so many things wrong that are easily checked with a little research.


I forgot to mention that Judge Napolitano on Fox has explained in many appearances why many of your statements are wrong. Check him out online.

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