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If you are having issues with your mail do not hesitate to go to your local post office and ask questions. I have made several phone calls and recently went in person taking the received envelopes in question to show the Postmaster what has happened.

Because of the COVID-19 issue, I went into a self quarantine mode trying to stay home as much as possible. Back in May I had my mail forwarded from my P.O. Box to my physical address.

At first it was little issues, maybe bills didn’t arrive in a timely manner. Around the same time friends were getting their stimulus check and I still didn’t have mine, I called the post office to see if mine could have been misplaced because of the forwarding system, or maybe the Treasury doesn’t allow checks to be forwarded. The staff checked, first the answer was the check would be forwarded, but another said it would not be forwarded.

On July 2020 I was sent financial papers sent from Raymond, 50 miles away — I didn’t receive that for 19 days. Because it was time-sensitive they sent another document to my physical which I received within seven days.

On Sept. 1, 2020 I received a note from a person in Onalaska. It contained a card they sent back on July 2020 on that envelope there were three stickers one taped on top of each other, all stating “Return to Sender Not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward.” Dates July 23, 2020, July 25, 2020, and July 29, 2020.

There should have been one yellow sticker stating it was being forwarded to my physical address. The Postmaster looked at both mailing, did not have an answer and will call when they get answers.

Until then I will not hold my breath but I am telling this story because if you are able to walk or drive yourself to the courthouse to return your ballot do it just as I did back in August.

1. This will ensure that your ballot will be counted.

2. This will lighten the burden (whatever that turns out to be) on the post office system.

This is not an isolated issue. A person who has been receiving business and personal mail for many years problem free until recently. They had the same issue of having a yellow sticker attached to the business mail saying “Return to Sender Undeliverable.” The mail went back to the sender who then called the business to find out what was going on.

Re: Stimulus check, I actually talked with a person in IRS who was able to tell me:

1. The check was sent in May.

2. No, RS checks are not forwarded.

3. They now need to trace if the check was cashed before issuing another to my physical address.

4. Also, if the check was cashed, find out who cashed it because I never received it.


Rose M. Spogen


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