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OK, I get it. We’re mandated by the state to protect ourselves (and others) from COVID-19. 

Remember, above all else that the supreme law of the land shall not be “Love thy Neighbor,” but hate, fear and isolate yourself from them. America is counting on you. It is the only way we can survive this crisis.

In order to combat the evils of this world, one must not be allowed any chance of coming in contact with anyone (or anything) that may corrupt you-physically or spiritually. In fact, you may be corrupt yourself and be totally unaware of it. This manner of isolation (the closing of workplaces, schools, libraries, private and public gathering etc.) has been shown to be extremely effective in quelling the pandemic of COVID-19, so there is no reason it should be discontinued. To the contrary, we should be working to expand these efforts. 

Let’s start applying these solutions to other deadly entities. Here are a couple of examples, to give you the idea of how this would work.

Obesity: A condition related directly and indirectly to a great many deaths.

Everyone should be required to join a gym and weight loss organization regardless of their own condition and circumstances. You may be one of the obese and not know it. Your shopping habits will be closely monitored and restricted to protect you from excessive caloric intake. Complete social isolation should be imposed on the overweight to protect others from imitating your condition. A new normal (which was common a half century ago) will be reestablished. Overweight people will be pointed out and mocked in public as a means of protecting the herd.

Similarly, to combat the ravages of alcoholism, everyone, young and old, must be enrolled in a program of supervised and closely monitored “Antabuse” dosage. “Better safe than sorry.”

Now, of course, “death from natural causes” is a much tougher nut to crack. However, research has proven that the overwhelming majority of natural deaths occur while the victim is in bed. We must limit the time spent there and make beds less “comfy.” If this method fails, we must abandon the use of beds completely. It’s up to you. Don’t force us to come down with an iron fist to protect you from your own follies.


Dennis Shain


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We all know you have difficulty respecting authority, Dennis. Centralia is considering erecting a statue depicting you pointing in the opposite direction than the one of the cities founder.

Centralia is thinking of

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