Another month, another telephone town hall from Jamie Herrera Beutler. I don’t know about you, but I would, for one, would like to see our elected congressional representative in person to ask my questions and hear her responses. That is part of her job... to listen to constituents and respond to their concerns. This is very difficult to do with impersonal telephone town halls formatted from miles away. Is this Jaime’s security screen? Or does she really not want to meet the Lewis County citizens in her district.

It is very easy to format a telephone town hall and screen out, in advance, all callers with whom our representative does not want to exchange conversation. 

Isn’t it about time that JHB returned to her district to fulfill her congressional responsibilities to all of us who elected her to office? We are paying her salary. We never see her during congressional recess time. Does she remain in D.C. and just hold telephone town halls from there?

The only time we see Beutler is when she swoops in for a photo op in a local school or business. When will citizens of the Third Congressional District like you and me see JHB? Is she hiding? Why?  

Election year 2020 is approaching. Southwest Washington would really like to see JHB in person. Her predecessor Brian Baird held frequent town halls in all the counties and communities of SW Washington. He interacted with the public whom he represented. Isn’t that what we citizens have elected our representatives to Congress to do?

No more telephone town halls, Jaime! Please give us a chance to exchange information with you face to face! This is one of the parameters of the job we elected you to do! Do it!

Hoping to see you in person soon in Lewis County during the congressional recess!!


Janet Leth,


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My husband & I agree with you 100%. Our theory is that Jaime doesn't hold in-person town halls because she thinks she doesn't have to and so far that has worked. She assumes people will vote for her just because she is a Republican. We don't understand why Republican voters can't see how insulting this is to them. They should want to see her & talk with her as well. More people should contact her & tell her how they feel about these telephone town halls. A great place to hold an in-person town hall is at the Veteran's Museum in Chehalis. Carolyn Long held one there last year & it was well-attended & civil (and not everyone was a supporter of hers). She actually wants to meet and talk with voters! Time for a change!

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