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America is at a time of great rancor and division requiring people in congress to come together for solutions. For 10 years, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler has proven herself to be that person. 

She has sponsored or supported numerous successful bipartisan bills. Jaime is ranked among the top 15 bipartisan officials in congress as well as the most effective legislator from Washington State. 

She’s championed issues from maternal-child health and veterans to forestry and fisheries. As a senior member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, she wields tremendous clout for our region. 

Critics complain she doesn’t hold town hall meetings, but COVID-19 prevents any large in-person gatherings, so she’s used electronic means to connect with her constituents. 

Prior to the virus, I had no problem speaking with her in public many times, including job fairs she sponsored to a pleasant half-hour visit walking around the Clark County Fair last year. She listens carefully and gives honest, thoughtful responses.

Being raised in Clark county and living in Battle Ground, she is in touch and deeply cares about Southwest Washington. Her opponent is a recent Oregon transplant who has never won nor held a major office, but only taught political theory out of a book. 

This is not the time to learn on the job. We need Jaime’s experience, influence in Congress, and healing touch now more than ever. I support her without reservations.


Pete Bartel


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