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I would like to discuss with Brian Mittge his commentary “Scorched Earth Politics Will Burn Us All.”

I’ll begin by quoting some “glittering generalities” presented without evidence, that I observed in his commentary: Falsely claimed, bogus claims, outrageous claims, baseless lies, fact free claims, untrue assertions, and, people seeking power who lie to us. No evidence was presented. 

It has been reported that 72 percent of Republicans and 23 percent of Democrats believe that there may have been vote fraud in this election, based on widely published evidence and multiple sworn statements of witnesses (of course not reported by some in the liberal media). Considering voter numbers, this would be about 71 million voters. 

Alleged evidence of fraud and irregularities has not been presented in court because judges, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have refused to allow a court hearing. 

Do you think that one half of the electorate should be denied a hearing of the alleged evidence? Do you really think that fraction of those 71 million voters would not react illegally to this disregard of their belief of possible vote fraud? 

Do you really believe that Antifa, of Portland and Seattle burning buildings fame, is “the loose knit affiliation of opponents that has become Trump’s favorite boogeyman?”

Do you really think that the “follower of the Qanon conspiracy theory cult who has worn his strange costume while demonstrating for Trump” is representative of the other 74 million Trump voters, as in me? 

The attempt to continue to destroy President Trump is either based in stupidity or Communism by any means. 

Oh, and Inslee has assumed dictatorial powers. 

The “Hate Trumpers” are the ones pursuing “Scorched Earth Politics.” 


Mike Kimbrel 


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It is also a cold, hard fact that some five dozen courts, twice including the supreme court your very own great leader stacked, disagree with your assessment of what is evidence. The law cares nothing about what you want, it cares about what you can prove.


Very well said. I'm glad you pointed out that fact regarding the courts.

Born Again Pagan

What we have here....is a failure to communicate. Some people you just cannot reach. It is painful to admit you've been taken by a charlatan, but the evidence is in plain view if you look objectively. Trump is a con man.


You hit the nail on the head. Mike, from Oakville, is obviously one of spanky trump/Putin's cult followers. You might as well be talking to a rock. He, and his kind, just cannot be convinced that they have been conned for over four years now.

Thoughtful Boomer

To date, there have been 60 hearings of the evidence. Mostly conservative judges throughout the country have dismissed the complaints as baseless. I conclude if it's not the evidence the writer wants he will not accept it. There's a word for that mindset, but I won't use it.


I will use it for you--moron.


Trump told us he always hires the best people. Well, his best attorneys filed 30-40 lawsuits all across the country claiming voter fraud and every one of the lawsuits was rejected by the court, many times by judges appointed by Trump. Why? Because they didn’t present evidence. The Secretaries of every State, many of whom were Trump supporters, certified their elections as free and fair. The US Supreme Court, with a conservative majority and 3 justices appointed by Trump did not find any evidence to even pursue hearing the case. Trump lost the election, and he knows it. You are saying you only believe Trump – only he is telling you the truth – all evidence to the contrary. Doesn’t that sound a bit odd to you? Do you still believe his lie that Mexico is paying for his wall? If that was true, then why did he have to take money from the military budget to help pay for his wall? Just because you want something to be true doesn’t make it so.


SMH. You are so very correct. Thank you for your comments. In regards to the wall, not only did Mexico not pay a dime for it, only 400 hundred miles was repaired or upgraded. The border is 2,400 miles long. Just another trump lie. Spanky trump/putin is the very worst thing that has ever happened to this country!


I have about had it with all the voter fraud and stolen elections talk. The election was free and fair. Trump is no more a Republican than your left shoe. He has zero policy, he just wants the power. He tells lies to get money like a snake-oil salesman, and people believe the character they saw on the Apprentice. He was acting in that show, he is a total fraud. For those believing Trump's whiner sour grapes nonsense, he is a known narcissist, he is not capable of admitting he lost. He is stirring up people to serve his sick ego and get on board with his idiotic idea that because he lost, the election must have been rigged - so how did so many down-ballot Republicans get elected on the very same piece of paper? I guarantee you that if Democrats could have rigged the election they would have taken the Senate by a landslide.

Think about the Lewis County Elections office. They did a great job making sure every vote was registered, when all that talk began about purged voters etc. I was able to quickly and easily see that my ballot was mailed out, and my vote received back. The fine people who run that office are very dedicated and very efficient.

This is because of Fox News. They have been able to lie and lie and lie every day to stir up Trump supporters because they want the tax breaks and obscene money the GOP sends to billionaires and spends on Corporate Welfare to grease the palms of donors so they stay in power. It's disgusting.

While I'm here let me just say that I am very offended in the way Fox News has demonized Democrats. Democrats are not evil and never were. Police and Fire Departments are socialist programs, Fox News lies about socialism would allow government to take away badly needed programs like Veterans help and Social Security checks. They want that, the billionaires need to keep us down.

People getting their news from Fox are not getting the truth. Read a newspaper! Check the facts on the stories Fox is pushing, you will find out they are lies and that Fox is eliminating the news that does not serve them. There are a number of fact-checking websites. I agree with a previous letter-writer who said that the Fairness Doctrine should be reinstated, making networks accountable for false & biased news reporting.

I appreciate my newspaper! I hope the Chronicle thrives in this new administration, we are entering an age of experienced and competent governing.


Katherine Ford


Thank you for your excellent comments, Ms. Ford.

Born Again Pagan

KELA radio has a certain degree of culpability for the melee at the Capitol for they're parroting of misinformation. Between Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity I think there is four hours of garbage listening. Then at night a real stupid conspiracy program called Coast to Coast I believe, I could be wrong as I don't listen to them. But anyhow they are all mindless drivel that shouldn't be taken seriously. Trump's core people listen to what they want to hear on this type of programming and feed on it. They are emotional, irrational, and unreasonable. Reader: If you watch Fox, OAN, NEWSMAX, and or listen to KELA, please, I implore you, fact check the stories. Check the sources of these networks and you will find many failures. Rupert Murdoch is a name synonymous with unethical journalism. And OAN and NEWSMAX are even worse.

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