With all the senseless shootings lately, they talk more gun control laws. In the long run, the only people that will be hurt are honest people. 

If you really want a reduction in the shootings, change the law to where it reads if someone is convicted of murder in the first degree, they will be sentenced to either execution within 30 days of conviction or if a member of the victim’s family says they don’t want anyone executed then it is life in prison. 

As it stands right now, if someone goes to prison for a life sentence and they get mad at someone in prison and kill them all they are going to do is add more time to a life sentence. 

If they would make this change in the law it would most likely cause a reduction in shootings. 

We all know what our governor says, that no one will be executed in this state for as long as he is governor. Yes, I really voted for that governor, but all of us make mistakes. 


Robert Shipe


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When someone brings one of your guns into one of your local schools and mows down some of your kids, the dead kids can rest easy, knowing the shooter got killed, too. That’s what you propose.


The entire subject of "school shootings" is blown completely out of proportion by the MSM. School children are far and away more likely to drown while swimming or die in car wrecks to and from school than they are from "school shootings." If they weren't exceedingly rare events, the MSM wouldn't have them on the front page 24/7/forever. Check the statistical probabilities along with actual facts.

Bev Black

Don't you think the shooter already knows that he will die too? Please explain why you need an AR-15? When someone you love gets cut down in a mass shooting maybe you'll see the light. Obviously you have no empathy for all the lives already taken.

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