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Are we becoming sheep led by the “Dire Doomsday the Sky is Falling” Czars under the guise of being governors without questioning their decisions? By the way I’m a senior citizen who does actually take precautions.

How soon we forget the world pandemic known as H1N1 swine flu of 2009/2010 and the dire warnings. You can go back and read the “Dire Warnings!” No available vaccine for the first five months and finally 60 million doses available by Dec. 1, 2009. It started in Mexico moving fairly quickly to the U.S.

We had a known 60.8 million infected; 274,304 hospitalizations with 12,469 to 14,000 known deaths putting it higher percent-wise which stands at .001 percent flu deaths in a normal season. The difference the ages hit hardest. Can we better protect folks in nursing homes? Yes we can without affecting folks and the economy at large! 

Estimates of deaths during the worldwide H1N1 pandemic was as low as 284,500 according to the World Health Organization with London saying 579,000. The highest rates in third world countries most hard hit Africa and Southeast Asia. The scare tactics thrown around for U.S. deaths if the “Draconian Measures” aren’t put into effect with the known population most affected that can be better protected seems like nothing more than another example of scare tactics working!

CDC recommended after May 5, 2009 that school closings weren’t necessary unless a significant outbreak. Overall in society no “Draconian Measures” only warnings by President Obama’s administration.

China and Italy have had significant outbreaks necessitating according to them society shutdowns. First off, according to China and the World Health Organization most infected were men 30 to 69. It is felt the high smoking rates, environmental impacts, more chronic illness and living/working densities. Many same similarities in Italy and in both places higher death rates like ours older with underlying conditions.

You might disagree with my opinion but can we agree the Governor’s decisions are going unchecked without real discussion.


Shawn Murphy


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Shawn Murphy, Thank you for addressing the elephant in the room. I agree 100% with you. Inslee the Taxman and the media have stoked panic among Washington residents for political gain. Thanks to people like Inslee and the MSM our economy is poised to rocket us into a depression that will take decades to recover from. While it is tragic that some people are dying from coronavirus, far more die each year car accidents and suicides and I don't Inslee the Taxman and MSM saturating the news with those grim figures.


How did they manage to get China to go along with the plan and blow up their economy?

What? That doesn't fit your political screeching? No kidding... Holy cow.


Shawn, for 50 years - or more - we've been told, indeed "ordered" in many cases, to "let the authorities handle it." Many of us have lost the ability to make reasoned, logical responses to external events sans authoritarian input. Just pray we never have an actual "crisis."


Reading the post on here...

Oh Lewis County, still so backwards and so awkward. Born and raised here. Spend the better part of 4 decades, traveling the world in the military and other capacities.

Except for a few areas installing LED street lights, you'd never know.

The same group of inbreds still running the show.

Frosted Flake

10,000 people are dead, and 100 of them are Locals.

Let's do a thought experiment. Suppose by next week our hundred dead was 200. And in two weeks it was 400. And in 3 weeks it was 800. And in a month 1600. Suppose in May the numbers are 3200, 6400, 12,800, and 25,600. Suppose this just kept happeneing. At what point would you say, why didn't someone do something?

It would be far too late, then. Wouldn't it? We would be surrounded by vast amounts of virus. It would be everywhere.

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