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Once again the governor has shown that he’s totally clueless about COVID-19 and his statistics. Someone needs to explain to him how this whole thing works. 

If you look at the curves in the state’s own information you will see that hospitalizations and deaths have remained pretty constant for months. For instance, Lewis County hasn’t had a death since the three we had at the very beginning. However, the number of cases has, in fact, increased considerably. How can this be? Mostly, it’s because testing has increased dramatically, and with the riots and CHOP the increase in cases is not surprising. 

But the biggest question of all is why is he clamping down on everybody over COVID-19, but is remarkably silent, along with the Seattle mayor, about CHOP and the riots?

Bruce Peterson


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Sorry Bruce-- you are the one who is clueless. The %positive is increasing and that, in plain terms, means the virus is spreading. It is NOT more testing...if that were the case, the percent positives would remain stable. Duh! Thank the dedicated healthcare professionals for the stability in the death rate. The rate of spread is increasing because we are more opened up-- and there are more clueless like yourself who selfishly and irresponsibly do not wear a simple mask. And-- thank goodness the governor who is listening to the epidemiologists and other public health professionals and not amateurs like yourself. And what on earth do protests in Seattle have to do with your contention that the governor is clueless? Neither the governor nor the mayor of Seattle have been silent about any protest-- you just have chosen to remain deaf to their words.

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