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I just read Bobby Jackson’s postcard mailer to voters. After his performance in the primary, Jackson has obviously decided his only hope for victory is to mislead voters as to who supports him and to call for Lewis County to become a “second-amendment sanctuary county.”

On June 21, 2020, Loren Culp informed Dr. Lindsey Pollock, Jackson’s opponent, that he did not endorse Commissioner Jackson. Then on July 15, 2020, Loren Culp stated on his Facebook live feed that he has not endorsed anyone. Sheriff Rob Snaza has also not endorsed Commissioner Jackson, as the commissioner would like you to believe. 

Jackson’s meddling in Winlock led to the defeat of the previous Winlock City Council that I had been seated on, and ultimately led to the resignation of the former Winlock Mayor. His intervention in Twin Transit was a complete fiasco. His support of sanctuary status is hypocrisy from a man who regularly attacks Seattle for declaring sanctuary status. 

These are the kinds of campaigning tactics that voters may want to take into consideration when voting and distance themselves from him by endorsing his opponent, Lindsey Pollock. 

Four years of Commissioner Jackson has been four years too many. Sixty percent of the primary voters agreed. Let’s hope for the same result county-wide.


Anne Randt


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