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It will soon be time to vote and there is one race, in particular, where you may be undecided.That is the race for Lewis County Commissioner District 1 between Edna J. Fund and Sean Swope.

In my opinion, there is just no comparison between the two candidates. Edna Fund’s record, as the sitting commissioner, speaks for itself. Being deeply committed to the citizens of this county, she has and always will do what is best for us. 

If re-elected, Edna Fund will continue to work hard to bring in new businesses with livable family-wage jobs. She is concerned about flooding and continues to work for the best solution for all. During this COVID-19 pandemic, she has continuously worked hard to promote and support our local small businesses. She has worked non-stop to answer our questions and to make sure we had the information we needed and wanted. She always has time for the citizens of this county. And most of all, she believes 100 percent in transparency in government.

As for Edna Fund’s opponent, Sean Swope, ask yourself: What is his background, education, experience? His background and education is in Youth Ministry and Theology. His experience is in design, IT and Web Management for Twin Transit.

He, apparently, has no education in business, other than what he has gleaned from other people. He has no experience in government, yet he has lofty ideas with no concrete plans on how he will carry out those ideas. The words are pretty, but I do not see anything to back them up.

Swope talks about “Centralia Station” and getting Fred Meyer back. But, he does not realize that “Centralia Station” is in the City of Centralia and belongs to the Port of Centralia. The county does not have jurisdiction there. He is just lacking in the knowledge needed to lead this county.

Furthermore, during these trying times when we are in the middle of a pandemic and so many people are suffering financially, Edna Fund has refused to accept any contributions to her campaign. Sean Swope, however, has accepted over $25,000 in contributions, even spending $541 on t-shirts. I bet that t-shirt money would have gone a long ways in contributing to meals for our vulnerable seniors he claims to be so concerned about.

Bottom line: Do you want someone with no qualifications for your county commissioner or would you rather have a proven leader like Edna Fund, who not only cares about the citizens of Lewis County, but has the years of education and experience, is a team player and above all believes in government transparency.

Join with me in voting for a true leader this November. Vote for Edna J. Fund.


Jan Banevich


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Frosted Flake

Really? How come then, can I not ride a bus anywhere around here?

5 routes to nowhere. Does that seem accidental to anyone?

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