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I am writing to endorse Edna Fund for reelection to the office she currently holds as Lewis County Commissioner District 1.  

I am fortunate to have Edna as my friend and mentor. I met Edna 16 years ago when I was a high school senior participating in the Miss Lewis County Scholarship Program. Edna served as a volunteer mock interview judge and went out of her way to encourage me to pursue my passions for singing and early childhood education. When I earned the Miss Lewis County title a few years later, I saw Edna at our weekly Toastmasters meeting and at nearly every one of my 100 appearances at community events that year. Our friendship deepened and continued beyond my pageant years. Edna’s presence in my life as an exemplary female role model helped shape me into the successful person I am today. 

Edna is a force for good and a servant leader. She is a woman with many demands on her time, and yet, she really is “a leader who listens”. Edna gives her time generously, not only to her work, but also to anyone who would like to learn from or be heard by her. 

 When I was teaching singing lessons in Lewis County in 2015, two of my star students were seniors at Centralia High School. These girls brought it to my attention that the walking route to their school along Borst Avenue did not have sidewalks, and as a result, there were many concerns for student safety. They were excited to take action on the issue and voiced their concerns alongside other CHS seniors to the City Council and Lewis County Commissioners. Edna was thrilled to hear from them. Adding sidewalks to Borst Avenue had been a priority for her for many years. While my students did not see the immediate action they had hoped for, I told them how much they had impressed my friend Edna, and that they should wait and see what she might be able to do over time. Sure enough, Edna continued to advocate to keep Borst Avenue a priority in the county’s  Transportation Improvement Plan, and the City of Centralia made it a priority as well. Through a partnership between the city, county and the Safe Routes to Schools program, my students’ dream is now reality. Beautiful Borst Avenue is only one example of how Edna works with community leaders and organizations to bring about positive, tangible change.

 There is no person more qualified for the position of Lewis County Commissioner District 1 than Edna Fund. Please take the time to vote for her in the 2020 election, you will be so pleased with what she is able to accomplish with another term serving your community.


Emily Skeers


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