I don’t believe I have ever felt this strong about anything before. The military draft needs to be reinstated immediately. If you support Donald Trump, the moron who some people consider their president, you need to, if of age, enlist immediately. 

Then volunteer for a front line combat unit. Too old to serve but you support Trump? Then you need to influence, coerce, twist the arm of every young person you know to join the military so they can be a hero. I hope they look good in black. Because they’ll be coming home in a bag that same color. 

For the remarks Trump said in regards to John McCain. He should be horse whipped. Whether you agreed with McCain’s political views or not. He answered his country’s call. He was and is a hero who led a life of distinction. Donald J. Trump was and is a coward.


Erik Potter


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(2) comments


Are you serious Erik? They are either

A: Wealthy enough to afford bone spurs or

B: Guilty of the same felonies (a growing list) Trump is currently awaiting indictment forafter leaving office.

I don't believe I'd like an infestation of Trumpswabs in the Military. I mean as a serial abuser of women as Trump is, would that not be going backwards?


Nonsense. If you support the police department, are you required to become a police officer?

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