It wasn’t long after President Trump was elected that I started noticing a preponderance of negative articles being published about the president. When confronted, Michael Wagar denied that the editor, Ms. Natalie Johnson was biased or was purposefully publishing negative stories about the president. 

In 2018, I reviewed every newspaper The Chronicle published since the election and found that over 90 percent had biased articles against the president. Nothing has changed!!

 Part of Ms. Johnson’s duties is to scour news outlets in search of stories for the Chronicle’s Nation/World page.  The Tuesday Oct. 29, news story about the death of al-Baghdadi is another disgusting example of her bias.  There had to have been thousands of stories about this event.  Ms. Johnson once again chose to print a story that contained snarky comments from the writer about President Trump’s role or his comments.  Surely there were stories that would have praised President Trump for his tenacious efforts to capture or kill the ruthless leader of ISIS. 

President Trump tirelessly works to make our country safe and the liberal press does everything in its power to negate his accomplishments. The Chronicle and Ms. Johnson are no different. 

Ms. Kim Proffit has taken over as the Chronicle’s Chief Operating Officer.  Hopefully she will step up and stop this unrelenting bias against President Trump.  It’s time for the Chronicle to be a ‘fair and balanced’ news outlet.

NOTE:  Ms. Johnson is notorious for changing the story writer’s title to suit her own needs.  My title is “Chronicle Editor Continues Her Disgusting Bias Against President Trump.”


Dale Luger


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