Over the last two years several ideas have been considered to resolve the use or destruction of my old alma mater Cascade Elementary. Along with the historic R. E. Bennett they are either a unique resource or a burden to shift to some other public entity. 

Shame on the the school district for not having thought this through. 

They clearly had time to give this publicly funded asset some careful consideration, especially given its location in the heart of Chehalis. 

As a former public school employee I have seen districts abandon property for a quick buck only to wish they had it back after enrollments rise. Consider the Seattle school district that, having sold Queen Anne High (and the middle school blocks away) in the 1980s, now is under tense negotiations with the city of Seattle for a possible school site in Lower Queen Anne because of skyrocketing enrollment. 

I do not believe it is necessary or wise to so easily give this property up. The impact to Chehalis will be immense. I think it is foolish in the extreme to consider letting the camel get its nose under the tent in the form of the Port of Chehalis. 

Who out there is willing to let them experiment with a housing development project? 

Let’s instead figure out a way for the district to hang on to this important resource or get behind the City of Chehalis as a trusted entity that can be counted on to have the best interest of the citizens in mind for any future use. 

Let’s work to get this right.


Jeffrey Wasson


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I have VERY rarely witnessed school districts use wisdom, or prudence when making any financial deals. It's all about them and their empire, cash grabbing policies.

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