When Bonnie Canaday was a Centralia City Councilor, she was caught red-handed living out of her own district. She needed to resign as the ethics of her office would require. She refused, choosing to keep her power over doing the right thing until forced. It is not up to us as individuals to cherrypick the rules that suit us.

Our voters out their trust in us as their elected officials. It is a duty and an honor to deserve that trust, and Bonnie failed the test. I don’t believe she should be given another chance.

Incumbent Port of Centralia President Julie Shaffley has upheld an impeccable ethical standard. Her leadership has navigated the port to its current boom and has made decisions based on the betterment of the community over her own individual needs. For example, by recruiting first Fred Meyer and now WinCo as the anchor to Centralia Station, she could harm her own business by bringing in the competition. Why, you may ask? Because she knows that these are quality companies bringing in good jobs and valuable tax dollars to her constituents. Would Bonnie make such a decision?

Vote for Julie Shaffley for Port of Centralia Commissioner.


Wyatt Teitzel


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So, Wyatt. You’re suggesting we take Julie as the best candidate, since she’s making her decisions based on the absence of an effect to her own business? Have you compared what her business sells to a WinCo? Her business is in no danger from WinCo, and she knows it. But what if it were? What assurances have we that this business won’t color the decisions she makes in the future? Do we not have enough of this same problem going on in the White House that you want some of the same right here?

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