Thousands of infections that we know about, dead men starting to pile up, the President finally starts to take it seriously and declares a national emergency to free up funds for all sorts of stuff, including safety equipment for public employees, like, bus drivers. But rather than go along with the general theme of attempting to survive, Twin Transit has chosen at this critical time to take the opposite tack.

They changed the routes. So now you don’t know their crazy system anymore.

They reduced service. So more folks will be on each coach. And the early birds and late guys are screwed.

Access to the hospital now goes through Walmart.

That’s the plan. Less transit, by surprise, and the sick people have to take a walk through Walmart to get to the hospital. The quick way to explain what is wrong with the plan is to just say everything. But let’s be fair. Twin Transit has just turned our transit into a grem distribution machine, by the simple act of including Walmart in a trip to the hospital.

This cannot have happened by accident. It is time to fire Joe Clark and replace or simply remove the Board. We could revert to status quo ante briefly, for quick clarity about routes and times. We could have the operations manager report to the county manager and eliminate the general manager position. And I will straighten out the routes for real, very quickly and easily, for $1.


Kurtis Engle


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