It was recently reported that the administration has begun deporting children who, because they are being treated for devastating diseases, had heretofore been granted waivers allowing them to stay in America to receive treatment. 

We’re deporting children who are receiving treatment for cancer, cystic fibrosis, M.S. and other diseases which are fatal without treatment. This policy reeks of the inhumane Nazism being foisted upon humanity by Stephen Miller, whom Donald John Trump has allowed to control this nation’s immigration policy.

What has this nation become? How low will this administration be allowed to sink into a morass of inhumanity before the Congress steps up and fulfills the obligation to rein in such inhumanity?

After World War II the allied powers held a series of trials of Nazi officials that had survived the total collapse of that regime.

The Nuremberg trials established the principle that our common humanity must be paramount over politics. That there can be no excuse for committing crimes against innocents. That acts of depraved indifference can never be excused by perpetrators who were “just following orders.”

In following this course America is now telling the world that we are monsters. We will send children to die from treatable diseases out of an inflexible and wholly irrational fear.

This policy and the inhumanity it represents must end immediately. It is up to Congress. It is up to the Senate. It is up to you to demand an immediate end to such brazen unAmerican inhumanity.  

Act now.


Alan Mahood,


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More Liberal pandering. They'll stop at nothing.

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