First off, I want to assure everyone I am not running for president. With that settled I have things to say.

The reason some people want background checks for all gun sales is in case some day there was a law that outlawed all private gun ownership, there would be a record of who had what.

When Obama was president I did not necessarily support him but out of respect for the office of the presidency, I kept quiet. I cannot believe how tough Trump has been in the face of being harangued every minute by opposition from within his party plus from the opposition. 

Would any of us be tough enough to fight against that? In Lewis County I know a number of democrats and not one I have talked with is in favor of free college, the so-called green new deal, abolishing ICE so we can have open borders and turning this capitalist country into a socialist state.

Also I have some questions on why we have so many more homeless people when we give so much to them?

Harlan Thompson


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