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In my opinion, Sheriff Snaza has done a more than adequate job for our county. 

I agree and support what he has accomplished, up to this point. 

I voted for the guy, but he has publicly stated full intent to violate the law and will be refusing to wear a mask to protect others from him being a potential carrier of COVID-19. This will constitute a daily pattern of misdemeanor activity making him ineligible to be employed in the sheriff’s department, per the standards of being employed according to the LCSO website.

Two firmly stated reasons for ineligibility to be employed at the Lewis County Sheriff is “Patterns of misdemeanor activity”, and “Vision, hearing or medical problems that potentially may endanger fellow employees, applicant, and/or citizens in the commission of duties.”

Underline potentially may endanger fellow employees and citizens.

By not wearing a protective covering over his face all day, every day, he will accumulate 30 misdemeanors every month. I understand he says wearing a mask makes it hard to talk, is uncomfortable, to hot and an inconvenience, too bad. Doctors and nurses are wearing them daily and I have not read of any of them refusing to wear one for the reasons the sheriff presents to justify not doing so. It is also inconvenient for a citizen sick with coronavirus caused by other’s selfish neglect to be hospitalized and not be able to see their family, or die.

Public Safety Through Professional Service is the header of the Lewis County Sheriff Department Mission Statement which further states, “Welcome to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office. Our vision at the LCSO is to be committed to excellence in being a trusted, respected, and professional public safety agency. Being a committed community partner, providing professional service to enhance the safety, security, and quality of life in Lewis County is our mission.”

My questions for the sheriff are, “Do you know for a 100 percent certainty you are not an asymptomatic carrier?”, “Have you been tested?”, “Do you still shake hands with others and ignore social distancing guidelines?”, “Do you wash your hands many times a day, disinfect your phones, desktop items, doors, mail, packages, and much more?” Every day? Or is it too inconvenient and uncomfortable?

We all have to do this together. Not just some of us or most of us.

We do not have to like it, but it needs to be done.

So, Sheriff Snaza, as one of your supporters respectful of your position, I implore you to do the right thing. Otherwise, you will be committing the pattern of misdemeanors disqualifying you from LCSO and your position of respect and leadership.

The science is telling us recovery is not full recovery for some who have irreparable lung damage, thickened blood, clots and heart problems, when these people were previously healthy individuals. They got it from a COVID carrier.

Do not infect others because you are uncomfortable wearing a mask.


Rick Yearout


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