Washington's Once-Bustling Border Towns and Islands Fall Silent, Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Peace Arch International Park in Blaine. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers helped save a man's life after he suffered an apparent heart attack in the Peach Arch Park between the U.S. and Canada last week.

"This is a great example of how our CBP employees don't just work within the confines of a Port of Entry, but within the community when needed," Area Port Director Kenneth L. Williams said in a CBP news release about the incident late Thursday, Sept. 10. "These officers and agriculture specialists are trained to respond to traumatic events, and they demonstrated bravery, dedication and teamwork by saving this man's life."

CBP Office of Field Operations officers and agriculture specialists assigned to the Peace Arch Port of Entry in Blaine were patrolling the park when they received the request for assistance after a Canadian man suffered a possible heart attack and was no longer responding, the release stated.

One of the CBP officers took over CPR on the man and another contacted U.S. Border Patrol dispatch to call for help, according to the release. Additional officers responded with an Automated External Defibrillator, or AED, and to help keep the crowd back.

Two of the CBP employees are trained EMTs, the release stated, and they used the AED to resuscitate the man. Northwest Washington Fire and Rescue and Surrey, B.C., emergency crews arrived and took over stabilizing the man, before he was transported to a medical facility in British Columbia.

"The CBP employees in the Seattle Field Office exemplify CBP's core values of vigilance, service to county and integrity, not just in this instance, but on a daily basis," CBP Director of Field Operations Brian Humphrey said in the release. "Their quick response and dedication are something I am extremely proud of and they continue to exceed my expectations every day."


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