Culp Rally

Loren Culp gives a thumbs up at a Toledo rally, which many have called a “protest” against Gov. Jay Inslee’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Loren Culp supporters have organized a horse ride rally in support of the gubernatorial candidate.

The event will take place at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 18 beginning at the Chehalis Livestock Market and parading down Hamilton Road toward Napavine. 

“This is horse riding event that will also include decorated vehicles all showing support to Loren Culp,” said Holli Hearn, one of the organizers.


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Lets see a show of hands on who thinks a 'Super Spreader Event' is evidence Mr. Culp has the intellectual acumen to run the state. Yes, I know, a softball query for anyone with an IQ over 80.

Vandenberg Law

Riding horses is a super spreader event? Most of the invective I see hurled by the left is exactly the kind of stuff that has to be cleaned up after equestrian events and farmers have specialized equipment to "spread".

Following your logic, Jay Inslee should be impeached for incompetence for allowing 100,000 Covid-19 infections and over 2,000 death in Washington State. That's without ANY help from the legislature whom Inslee refuses to call for a special session. I say give Culp a chance to govern and contain the virus. He can't do any worse than Emperor Inslee.


We agree! He can't do any worse for two reasons: 1. He's not the governor. And, 2. He's not going to BE the governor.


I agree with you! It's an outdoor event.


You need to put the blame for covid and the deaths attributed to where it belongs, our President. He has not followed the scientists recomendation and did what was best for him, ven after he had the virus. He continues to preach that it is under controll even as the mifdle of our country is ravaged with it. He has no regard for human life.

We may have had a rocky start but Jay Inslee has folowef thr CDC guidlines of requiring masks and social DC istancing. He has taken heat and stood his ground when it wouldn't let certain areas move to the next level. As per the CDC and the World Health Organization our only defense against this virus until a vacine is approved is masking up and social distancing.

You may like Culp's ideas and the fact that he wants to open our state back up with heard immunity and I'm very sure he truly believes in what he says unlike our President but we have some of the highest deathsvfrom and cases of covid per capita in the world because every state is on their own to set precedent for covid and there is no national standard. Oh wait the national standard set by our President to Governors is do what ever you want get your own PPE. Let's not forget when you make the decision to have your state mask up ansocial distance you will surely be made fun of by our President.


You're not following my logic. You're objectively a liar. A liar who is endangering lives via their willful lies. You should be ashamed.


Let's see, Inslee brags about how great a job he has done with slowing the virus yet, under his rules, isn't the virus climbing again rapidly in spite of those rules.. Likewise with other democrat controlled states and cities. Culp wants people to have the information to make their own informed decisions whereas Inslee holds back information.. Holding back information is called controlling, not leading.. Apparently, oh what a shock, the left wants to make all the decisions for the people and control them instead for treating them like intelligent adults with freedom of choice based upon fully informed decision making..


Right... and you blew completely past the obvious and overt idiocy of Culp and those like him. YOU and those LIKE YOU, are the problem. YOU and those LIKE YOU who do not follow mandates. YOU, are the problem, yes, YOU.


Cheif keep the good stuff coming! Between the censorship of the RIGHT side of the current politcal debate and the threat of ANTIFA showing up at your private residence if you express ideas that the extreame left does not want us to contemplate.

This state, our country, the leader of the free world, is now looking compelled speech right in the face. So go get them Chief, stand up and fly the American Flag, (which is strangly absent from my neighbors door steps, but never from mine), in the face of these crooked fascist Constitutional deniers.

Who would have ever thought our most important right could be waved to halt dissemination of fact/proof of corruption engaged in, by none other then state and federal 2020 democratic canidates Nation wide.

So go get 'em Chief dont stop, wont stop, get it, get it!

Straight from Jefferson County WA


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