Cyber Security

Community members gather in the Commissioners Room last June at the Lewis County Courthouse to discuss cyber security.

The Lewis County Board of Commissioners read proclamations naming October “Disaster Preparedness and Lewis County Alert Awareness” and “Lewis County Cybersecurity Awareness”  month at its regular meeting Monday morning. 

Andy Caldwell, of the county’s Department of Emergency Management, led off the proceedings by stating his group’s mission is to “encourage all businesses and organizations to be prepared and self-sufficient for at least two weeks after a disaster.” 

In addition, he also advised all county residents to sign up for and participate in Lewis County Alert, which sends pre-recorded phone messages to people in the event of an emergency.

“We can’t tell you something’s coming or what to do if we can’t get a hold of you,” Caldwell said.

Steve Wohld, the county’s director of IT services, cautioned those in attendance Monday to limit the amount of personal data they share during their online activities as part of his presentation on the cybersecurity proclamation.

County Commissioner Bobby Jackson commented on the importance of safeguarding information highways by claiming that “municipalities are being held hostage by cyber attacks to the tune of millions of dollars.” 

He thanked Wohld for making the public aware of the many online threats individuals face in using their phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and various other devices.  

In turn, Wohld voiced his gratitude to local elected officials and public officers for supporting his cause and taking “ownership and acceptance of all this cultural change.” 

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Yes, Bobby. Municipalities ARE being defrauded by hackers. What, EXACTLY, are you doing about it? Is our County server farm virtualized, or are you still using physical servers? The answer to these attacks is trivial. What is your plan for when it happens to Lewis County government?

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