The Lewis County Historical Museum and Washington Military Department have announced the grand opening of “Centralia’s Seminary Hill: Fragments of the Past Unearthed” exhibit at the Grace Seminary Museum. The exhibit will be open from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Oct. 22.

Various artifacts were discovered at Centralia’s Seminary Hill during work on a parking lot paving project for the Centralia Armory. 

Elizabeth Murphy from the Washington Military Department said she expects this exhibit to positively impact the community.

“The story of Grace Seminary, from day school to logging employees hospital, links important pieces of Centralia and Lewis County’s history,” she said. “The research and analysis done as a result of the artifact discovery will deepen this community’s understanding of the early decades of Centralia’s history. The artifacts on display bring everyday activities of that time to life.”

The event is described as informal, including food and discussion with those who are involved in the exhibit. There will be presentations about the discovery, protection, and significance of the fragments from the past.

“This is an opportunity to bring important pieces of history back to the community,” Murphy said, explaining why she is excited for the exhibit. “Grace Seminary was once a landmark for the town of Centralia. Now visitors to the museum can learn about its significance in the context of the early days of the city, while viewing material pieces of that history that gives clues about what daily life was like in the school, and later the hospital, that occupied the monumental building.”

The exhibit will also feature some pieces on loan from the Burke Museum at the University of Washington.

Murphy said she hopes to the public comes to see the artifacts to, “see up close rare discoveries and the unfolding story of forgotten history, uncovered right in your backyard.”

The exhibit will be located at the Lewis County Historical Museum 599 NW Front Way in Chehalis. For more information call 360-748-0831.

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