Food Inspections

Food Establishments With Violations: Red/Blue/Total

Kit Carson Restaurant, Chehalis   30/13/43

Person in charge knew hot and cold holding and cooking temperatures but not reheating requirements. Discussed. 

Several employees did not have valid food worker cards available. Please correct within one week. (5 Red)

Hands were not washed after cracking raw eggshells. Hands must be washed and gloves changed, when applicable, between handling raw meats/shell eggs and ready to eat foods or clean utensils. This was corrected. (25 Red)

Please ensure all potentially hazardous foods are reheated to 165 degrees within two hours. 

There are a few rodent droppings in storage areas and under fryer. Please keep facilities clean and maintain contract with pest control company. 

There was no sanitizer in towel in use on wok line. This was corrected. This is a repeat violation. (5 Blue).

Dishwasher is not sanitizing and test strips were not being used to test any sanitizers. This is being corrected. (5 Blue)

Kitchen and storage areas must be better cleaned. Please correct within two days. This is a repeat violation. (3 Blue)

Due to the two red point violations, a $200 fee is due to the Health Department within 10 days. This is a requirement of the existing probation agreement.

Inspected July 29


Guru 24/7 Food Mart, Centralia 15/0/15

Two food worker cards have been expired for several months. Please renew within one week. (5 Red)

Current owners took over before completing application process but are now working through it. Completed application and checklist with associated fees are due Aug. 18. (10 Red)

Inspected July 30


Peppermill Empress Inn, Centralia 5/0/5

Digital thermometer has a dead battery. Please replace within two days. This is a repeat violation. (5 Red)

Inspected July 31


Pioneer Express No. 1, Chehalis 15/0/15

Person in charge and only food worker did not have a valid food worker card available. (5 Red)

There was no hot water or paper towels in the employee bathroom and no soap in customer bathroom. Soap and paper towels were provided. Please provide hot water (100 to 120 degrees F) by tomorrow. (10 Red)

Inspected July 31


Avenue Espresso, Centralia 10/0/10

Several food worker cards were either expired or from an unapproved website. Please correct within one week. (5 Red)

There is no digital thermometer available to measure food temps. Please provide within one week. (5 Red)

Inspected July 31


Tacos El Rey, Centralia 5/0/5

One of the two cooks did not have a valid food worker card. Please correct within one week. This is a repeat violation. (5 Red)


Headquarters Tavern, Mineral 505

Food temperatures in the prep station were too warm for cold storage (above 41 degrees F). The walk-in temp was on the borderline of compliance. Check both units and adjust or repair as necessary within one week. (5 Red)

Inspected Aug. 1


Country Crafts and Things, Ethel 10/0/10

Food temperatures were too high for storage. The reach-in was adjusted and is already dropping into acceptable range. (10 Red)

Inspected Aug. 2


Food Establishments With Perfect Scores:

La Tarasca, Centralia, July 28

Azteca, Centralia, July 30

McDonald’s, Centralia, July 30

Taco Bell, Napavine, July 30

El Amigo, Centralia, July 31

Gather Cafe, Centralia, July 31

Relax Inn, Chehalis, July 31

T&D’s Randle One Stop, Aug. 1

Morton Senior Center, Aug. 1

Lewis County Jail, Aug. 1

Econolodge, Chehalis, Aug. 2

Olequa Senior Center, Winlock, Aug. 2

Apostolic Faith Youth Camp, Mossyrock, July 29

Shorty’s BBQ, Mossyrock, Aug. 2

Winlock Park Board, Winlock, Aug. 2



Editor’s note: These figures are derived from inspections conducted by the Lewis County Public Health Department’s Food Safety Program.

Red violations are those most likely to cause foodborne illness and must be corrected at the time of inspection. Blue violations relate to overall cleanliness and operational conditions and must be corrected by established deadlines or by the next routine inspection.

Any establishment receiving 40 red points or any red point item repeated within an 18 month period is considered a high risk and must be reinspected. An establishment that receives 75 red points or 100 total points (red and blue) on a routine inspection or 40 red points on a repeat inspection will have their food establishment permit suspended.

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