Food Inspections

Food Establishments With Violations: Red/Blue/Total

Little Crane Cafe, Vader 5/0/5

Food worker cards were posted except for weekend cook. There were two expired cards posted. Please have everyone renew their cards as needed this week. (5 Red)

Inspected Aug. 26

Safeway Deli, Centralia 40/0/40

Three food worker cards were recently expired. Please renew within one week and develop procedures to ensure all workers maintain valid cards. (5 Red)

Many potentially hazardous foods were cooling incorrectly after increasing in temperature during preparation. Any time PHF increase above 41 degrees during preparation, they must be cooled. (25 Red)

Several potentially hazardous foods were cold holding between 42.2 to 47.3 degrees F and must be kept at 41 degrees F or below at all times. (10 Red)

All cooling or cold-holding foods were either transferred to other refrigerators or discarded based on time and temperature. 

Due to high-risk violations, a reinspection is required. Please remit $110 fee within 10 days. 

Inspected Aug. 27

Ramblin’ Jack’s Ribeye, Napavine 5/0/5

Food worker cards were on file. There were several current employees with cards that had expired. Please have these employees obtain current cards this week. (5 Red)

Inspected Aug. 27

Subway, 1112 View Street, Centralia 10/5/15

Most potentially hazardous foods were cold holding between 42.5 to 48.8 degrees F and must be kept at 41 degrees F or below at all times. (10 Red)

There were not enough working refrigerators to keep foods at 41 degrees F or below. One under-counter refrigerator hasn’t worked properly for approximately one year and is no longer in use. The door the the walk-in refrigerator has also been affected and does not close completely, which may lead to it staying ajar. Even when closed, food temperatures were all above 41 degrees F. Repairman was immediately called and is onsite at this time. Please correct as needed. (5 Blue)

Inspected Aug. 29

The Centerville Cafe, Centralia 0/5/5

Soup refrigerator is set to its coldest level and is not maintaining food temperatures of 41 degrees F or below. This may not be used to store potentially hazardous foods. Foods were transferred to other coolers. (5 Blue)

Inspected Aug. 29

Woodland Village, Chehalis 10/0/10

Please ensure all workers, including new employees, maintain valid food worker cards. New employees only have two weeks to obtain cards if the employer maintains written documentation of required food safety training. 

The hand sink was completely blocked by a rolling laundry cart. This was immediately corrected. This is a repeat violation (10 Red)

Please remove the lids from the garbage cans in the kitchen and employee bathrooms. This poses a contamination risk. 

Inspected Aug. 29

Maple Grove Resort, Randle 5/0/5

Raw shell eggs were mixed in a big bowl ahead of actual cooking for scrambled eggs. Although the process only involved about 90 minutes total from egg cracking to cooking/service, the egg mixture is required to be cooked immediately after mixing. Staff were advised. (5 Red)

Inspected Aug. 31

Eagle Plaza Truck Stop, Chehalis 5/0/5

Food temperatures were good except the hot deli case was slightly too cool for hot hold temperature. This was readjusted to turn up the heat. (5 Red)

Inspected Sept. 4

Mary’s Corner Market, Chehalis 5/0/5

Food temperatures were good except the reach-in refrigerator for lunch meats and milk was slightly too warm for cold storage of food. Please adjust or repair this and store potentially hazardous foods elsewhere until fixed. (5 Red)

Inspected Sept. 4

I-5 Shell, Napavine 45/0/45

Food temperature controls were inadequate. Hot holding temperatures for gizzards were too low (116 degrees F). These need to be maintained at 135 degrees F at all times. The beef stew was also too low (123 to 125 degrees F) and must also be maintained at 135 degrees F at all times. Also ensure these are reheated to 165 degrees F before placing in hot hold. (25 Red)

Reheating of chili was inadequate — was somewhere near 125 degrees F, whereas it should be 165 degrees F. Make sure the thermometer is used and calibrated and develop a process to ensure adequate reheat temperatures are reliably achieved. (15 Red)

Thermometer is not thin tipped and does not have point of submersion. Get a new thermometer this week. (5 Red)

This is a high-risk establishment. A reinspection will be necessary. Please submit $100 fee for this within 10 days. 

Inspected Sept. 5

Food Establishments With Perfect Scores:

Exit 59 Food and Fuel, Toledo, Aug. 21

Bub’s Pub, Centralia, Aug. 27

McMenamin’s Olympic Club, Centralia, Aug. 27

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant, Silver Creek, Aug. 28

Moose Lodge No. 1144, Morton, Aug. 28

Run-A-Muck Mercantile, Mossyrock, Aug. 28

Tiki Tap House, Centralia, Aug. 29

Retro B’s, Mossyrock, Aug. 30

Holiday Inn, Chehalis, Aug. 30

Blue Spruce Saloon, Packwood, Aug. 30

Chehalis Deli II, Chehalis, Sept. 5

Frosty’s Tavern, Napavine, Sept. 6

Market Street Pub, Chehalis, Sept. 6

Mexican Restaurant El Misionero, Mossyrock, Sept. 6

Napavine Pizza, Napavine, Sept. 6


Temporary Permit Inspections:

AK Dogs, Packwood, Aug. 31

Bobablastic, Packwood, Aug. 31

Camp Union Pizzaria, Packwood, Aug. 31

Cinderella’s, Packwood, Aug. 31

Eternal Soul Bowl, Packwood, Aug. 31

For the Love of Nuts, Packwood, Aug. 31

Grandma Yummies, Packwood, Aug. 31

Kanoa Shave Ice, Packwood, Aug. 31

M&A’s Grub to Go, Packwood, Aug. 31

Old Timers Pork Rinds, Packwood, Aug. 31

Packwood Fire Association, Packwood, Aug. 31

Polynesian Grill, Packwood, Aug. 31

Randle Firefighters, Randle, Aug. 31

Woody’s Goodies, Packwood, Aug. 31


Editor’s note: These figures are derived from inspections conducted by the Lewis County Public Health Department’s Food Safety Program.

Red violations are those most likely to cause foodborne illness and must be corrected at the time of inspection. Blue violations relate to overall cleanliness and operational conditions and must be corrected by established deadlines or by the next routine inspection.

Any establishment receiving 40 red points or any red point item repeated within an 18 month period is considered a high risk and must be reinspected. An establishment that receives 75 red points or 100 total points (red and blue) on a routine inspection or 40 red points on a repeat inspection will have their food establishment permit suspended.

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