Lewis County Assessor Dianne Dorey on Monday announced a change of business as a precaution due to the coronavirus.

Appraisers are currently working in the Winlock, Toledo, and Vader School Districts. The cities of Winlock and Toledo have both been completed. Rural Toledo and Winlock have not been and appraisers are currently visiting those areas.

“Appraisers have always knocked on the door, spoken to the residents that are home, left a business card, measured buildings, taken photos, and left the premises,” a release from Lewis County states. 

Starting this week, appraisers will no longer knock on doors to speak to residents in person. They will instead leave a business card with a phone number on it. 

“We are attempting to limit our contact with taxpayers so as to limit exposure to the employee and the taxpayer. Should the taxpayer have questions about why we were on the property, please call the office,” the news release states.  For more information, call  360-740-1392.

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