NW Sports Hub

Northwest Sports Hub 

The Centralia City Council approved an amendment to the ground lease with the Lewis County Public Facilities District (LCPFD) to allocate more land to be used for the expansion of the NW Sports Hub at the virtual council meeting on Tuesday evening.

In 2010 the city entered into a ground lease with LCPFD for the construction of the NW Sports Hub building in Fort Borst Park. Over the course of 2019 and into 2020 the NW Sports Hub has been working toward expanding the building by 38,250 square feet to the current facility and more basketball and volleyball courts will be added.

In addition to the expansion of the building, the NW Sports Hub also plans to improve the parking lots by paving the gravel areas by the Centralia Rifle Club and the park maintenance building. 

“The roofline will be dropped and will go two different directions so it will give a nice roof articulation to the building and break up the very, very large building. ... When you drive in the facade will be a little bit different,” said Emil Pierson, Centralia’s community development director. 

Pierson said that the colors of the addition will match the original colors and materials of the current building. 

“With the new parking lots and the reconfiguration of the existing parking ones, we expect to be adding around 60 new stalls as part of this project,” stated the council agenda report

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Frosted Flake

Anyone else getting cognitive dissonance? Our park has been leased? Again?

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