Stephanie Postier had been looking for a good retail space on and off for over two years when her daughter, Bella, stumbled across the space at 108 N. Tower Ave. 

Her new business, The Porch, a vintage home decor store in downtown Centralia, had its grand opening on Friday.

“I want to add to what’s already great down here (downtown Centralia) … I need to earn my stripes. I need to know that the shop is good enough for the town,” Postier said. 

The shop sells many different items intended to upgrade a home, including: stylish dishware, handmade soaps, trinkets like bracelets and stickers, wreaths and greenery, and wall art. However, the focus of the shop is on larger furniture items that are hand-picked by Postier. 

The Porch’s tagline is “nature infused eclectic design.” Postier said she always keeps fresh greens and flowers in the shop.

“This shop is kind of an expression of my home. I love to decorate and I love to entertain,” she said.

When asked how she got the inspiration when designing the space Postier said, “My design work is eclectic. I really like to have some old and some new. … I love antique pieces because I really feel like it warms up a room, it’s inviting, it gives the room some history,” she said.

Postier said she likes to find cool pieces from a variety of different places and put them together in a creative way that invokes the feeling of being home. 

“I love to take the antiques and put them into a home where you feel comfortable and can sit and drink coffee and do life together.”

Postier shops for furniture and decor pieces in Idaho, Montana, and Eastern Washington to keep the shop full of beautiful and unique pieces. 

The shop made a point to include men’s products including hats, soaps, shaving gear, and more rustic-scented candles. 

Postier mentioned that they sell wall art pieces of which of the profits help to support Cambodian children by helping to fund the building of schools, houses and providing better living conditions. 

The Porch also is holding a Christmas Wreath Workshop, as advertised on their Facebook page. Fresh Evergreen wreaths will be provided for decorating, as well as holiday-themed snacks and drinks. The workshop is $65 and is held on multiple dates starting Nov. 20, leading up to the holiday season. 

Turbo, the pug, is the “shop dog” and is likely to be hanging out in the shop during the day.

The Porch has a Facebook page, “The Porch on Tower Ave”, where the owner is active in posting about the products the shop carries, new furniture pieces and upcoming events.

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