ARTrails is taking submissions for its spring expo.

ARTrails of Southwest Washington recently welcomed six new juried members into their artistic community who will be participating in upcoming events such as the Spring Art Expo at Fort Borst Park and ARTrails studio tours. 

“We actually were a part of a group of the first 15 or 16 artists that first started ARTrails. It was an idea that my husband brought back from California when we lived there. It was such a great idea that we modeled the program here after it,” said Susan Roth. “And for me, it’s not just about selling our art or other people’s art but it’s creating an artistic community in the area.”

The new members that will be joining other local artists include Katlyn Adams located in Centralia and working with mixed media; Jessica Flanagan located in Chehalis and working with glass; Brenden Fuller located in Toledo and working with clay; Brent Knott located in Chehalis and working with wood, Rachel McSweeney located in Chehalis and working with acrylic and Jim Moody located in Chehalis and working with glass.

The Spring Art Expo, which will be held on Thursday, April 23, Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th at Fort Borst Park in Centralia, is open to all local artists, not just those involved in ARTrails. The deadline to apply to be a part of the expo is March 16 and interested artists can go to the ARTrails website to get more information on how to apply — 

The Spring Art Expo will feature art sales and live demonstrations from local and regional artists from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. Some of the types of art attendees can expect to see are woodworking, ceramics, jewelry, mixed media, watercolor, photography, sculpture and more, Roth said. 

Susan Roth and her husband, Richard, have a pottery studio in Winlock and have been active members of ARTrails for many years. The studio tours, ARTrails event in September, provides the public a chance to enter an artist’s studio to see where their art is made, see their artistic process and possibly get to experience a live demonstration. Richard Roth has worked as a ceramics teacher at Lower Columbia College in Longview and at Centralia College. 

ARTrails has about 40 members that are a part of a community of artists in Lewis County and get to meet fellow artists through the organization. Susan Roth encourages anyone who is interested in participating in the Spring Art Expo at Fort Borst Park to apply as soon as possible. There are no restrictions on the style or medium of art for the expo.

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