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the one thing we can all do that will make a big difference in fighting this virus is to wear a mask ! if everyone stops spreading it , we will get past it quicker . put your masks on people !!


This virus will not go away with people staying home or constantly wearing masks. Herd immunity will burn the virus out and that will not happen if healthy people remain hermetically sealed from each other. The only time we should be wearing masks is when we go into hospitals, Nursing homes, Long term health care facilities, or if you are visiting someone who has a compromised health issue. The 98% of us need to just go about our daily lives.


Wow, Dr. Teven. It's a good thing there's no legal responsibility for you giving advice that will result in needless death. Sweden, proves your theory wrong. Please stop pretending you now better than objective science. Or perhaps you made this post just to show your friends you're a part of the 'Don't be a Sheep' crowd.


Well Teven, Sweden proves your theory wrong. But thanks for giving us the GOP Death Cult, take on things.


Not only Sweden, but Hong Kong as well. Hong Kong is roughly the same size as NY City and has had 7 deaths. How many dead in NYC? More that 30,000. Why? Probably because people in Hong Kong would no sooner go out without a mask than they would go out without pants.

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