Court Contreras

Jacqueline Contreras makes an appearance in Lewis County Superior Court on Friday.

A 19-year-old Seattle woman who is accused of leading Washington State Patrol troopers on a chase from Chehalis to Kelso while driving under the influence on Interstate 5 made her preliminary appearance in Lewis County Superior Court on Friday.

Jacqueline Contreras was charged with attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle and DUI on Friday.

Deputy Prosecutor Paul Masiello requested that Contreras be held on a $25,000 bail, noting that she already has a pending DUI case.

Superior Court Judge James Lawler agreed with the state and set bail at $25,000 for Contreras.

The affidavit of probate cause gives the following account of the chase:

On Thursday, Sept. 10, a state patrol trooper cadet and a trooper witnessed a vehicle speeding southbound on I-5 near Chehalis.

The driver, who was later identified to be Contreras, was reportedly driving at 91 miles per hour, based on the trooper’s initial reading.

Once the trooper cadet activated the overhead lights to the patrol car, Contrera’s vehicle reportedly crossed all lanes of the freeway and used the shoulder to pass multiple vehicles.

An additional state patrol trooper joined the pursuit and reportedly witnessed Contreras driving erratically down I-5, passing vehicles and using all lanes of traffic while being clocked at driving in excess of 130 miles per hour.

Troopers eventually learned that Contreras was on the phone with 911 while she was driving and eventually came to a stop.

The pursuit ended near milepost 36, just several miles south of Kelso.

When law enforcement made contact with Contreras at her car, they noted a strong odor of marijuana and observed marijuana flakes throughout the car and on Contreras.

When police asked Contreras if she had consumed any drugs, she said she had taken Xanax and marijuana, though she later denied taking Xanax.

Additionally, Contreras reportedly told police officers she was “high as f---.”

Contreras is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday, Sept. 17.

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