Jonathon Adamson

Jonathon Adamson appears at an arraignment hearing in Lewis County Superior Court on Thursday, March 7, 2019.

Jonathon Adamson, the Randle man accused of murder in the death of 16-year-old Benjamin Eastman III, is set to appear to a hearing in Lewis County Superior Court Monday afternoon to determine whether comments he made to law enforcement officers during the investigation will be admissible in court.

Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer declined to say what the statements Adamson reportedly made were regarding, but also said that such a hearing is routine.

“The rule is, if we want to use those, we need to have this type of hearing,” Meyer said, saying that only an agreement between him and the defense can prevent the hearing from taking place. And in this case, no such agreement was made.

Additionally, Meyer said he and Adamson’s defense attorney, Don Blair, may discuss trail scheduling issues, such as when certain witnesses may be called to take the stand.

The hearing is set to begin 1 p.m. Monday in Lewis County Superior Court.

Adamson has a jury trial slated to begin the week of Aug. 5.


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If this case is routine, why is the existence of this hearing in the news?


I believe they said such a hearing is routine. Not, that this case was routine. I am still wondering why our taxpayer funded legal establishment is still hiding aspects of this case from the public. The main one being, motive. There is one, why is it being hidden? Who is being protected?

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