Court: Toleafoa

Aaron Toleafoa makes his first appearance Wednesday in Lewis County Superior Court on a prison riot charge.

Four inmates of Chehalis’ Green Hill School are facing felony charges for a scuffle occurring in May between rival gang members. 

Christian A. Quijas, 17, Victor M. Vivanco-Reyes, 19, Aaron A. Toleafoa, 20, and Seth L. Friendly, 19, have all been charged with one count of prison riot, a class B felony.

Friendly has since been transferred to state Department of Corrections custody and is scheduled to make his first appearance on the prison riot charge on Friday afternoon. The other three inmates made their first appearance on these charges on Wednesday afternoon. 

Court: Quijas

Christian Quijas makes his first appearance Wednesday in Lewis County Superior Court on a prison riot charge.

Green Hill, recently transferred from management by the state Department of Social and  Health Services to the Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families, is a medium to maximum-security facility for male juvenile offenders.

According to court documents, the incident occurred on May 2, but was not reported to police until June 4. 

Green Hill Staff reported that, on May 2, one staff member was transporting about 15 inmates from their unit to another part of the complex, while another staff member was transporting other residents from another unit that were rival gang members with inmates in the first group. 

Court Vivanco-Reyes

Victor Manuel Vivanco Reyes makes his first appearance Wednesday in Lewis County Superior Court on a prison riot charge.

According to court documents, Friendly, in the first group, started yelling at inmates in the second group. Two other inmates, including Vivanco-Reyes and another inmate not charged as a co-defendant with this group, allegedly broke away and began punching a member of the other group. 

Quijas and another inmate then allegedly also broke away and started throwing punches. Toleafoa was allegedly the last inmate to become involved in the brawl. 

Quijas, Vivanco-Reyes, Toleafoa and Friendly were all charged as co-defendants. Those who are still in Green Hill custody will remain there pending the resolution of this case. 

According to the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office, the suspects have extensive criminal history. Vivanco-Reyes has convictions for drive-by shooting, first-degree assault and possession of a stolen firearm. Toleafoa has convictions for first-degree attempted murder and stealing a vehicle and Quijas has a conviction for second-degree murder.

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(4) comments


Staff were “transporting” these two groups of prisoners, or were they ”escorting” them “to another part of the complex” instead? The prison staff are unable to control the prisoners, who will do what criminals do, so you charge the prisoners? Who was in charge of these prisoner movements? How, exactly, do prisoners simply “break away” and begin punching other prisoners? What do you people think, these prisoners are going to magically turn into good citizens just because you caught them?


Someone is going to be seriously injured in there either a staff or a youth and their going to have a huge lawsuit on their hands. How does 1 staff escort 15 uncuffed and unshackled youth period! An uncontrolled environment for troubled youth cannot yield rehabilitation. People should be more concerned than they are, these kids are being released worse than they went in, and if they are taking the stance that once they get to Green Hill there is no hope for these kids than they need to stop calling themselves a rehabilitation school for boys.

You can't survive in a constant state of fear and chaos for yrs at a time and focus on being a better person. They are in survival mode because they know staff cant keep them safe. The staff are under paid and over worked even if they wanted to create a safe environment for these kids to change they couldnt, all they can do is react after the violence starts. Recipe for disaster. Incredibly sad for staff and youth.


I'm a former resident of green hill school JRA#851547 when we are transported there has to be at least 3 or more staff for a line movement and while we are being escorted we are told to put our hands behind out backs and me perform a line moment to another part of the prison be it the Central kitchen or going to school sometimes other rivals from other units cross paths but there is no way to prevent it then house them together they treat us like animals and without respect staff get assaulted because they're talking smack to a resident or just being plain rude


Seems like they should be transferring a Green Hil School inmates to DOC custody when they turn 18 and are then adults.

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