Court: Orchard

Alexzander T. Orchard makes an appearance in Lewis County Superior Court Monday afternoon in Chehalis.

A Centralia man made his preliminary appearance in Lewis County Superior Court on Monday for allegedly telling a corrections deputy he would slit his throat.

Alexzander T. Orchard, 27, was charged with harassment of a criminal justice participant performing official duties, a class C felony that is punishable by up to five years in prison.

The Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office and Orchard’s attorney for the day Rachael Tiller were in agreement that a personal recognizance bond would be appropriate for bail. 

According to court documents, Orchard, while being held in custody on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, driving under the influence and possession of meth, among other charges, had threatened to kill a corrections deputy in February.

Orchard allegedly threatened to slit the deputy’s throat while he was working in the vicinity of Orchard.

The alleged threats were made because the deputy had denied “requests” from Orchard, according to court documents. Furthermore, the deputy said that he believed if Orchard had been able to get out of his cell, he would have followed through with the threat.

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I can't begin to fathom how much restraint and calm nerves it must take to work around people like this inside a jail, and keep your cool. Thank you to those who serve there!

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