Court: Chixu Huang

Chixu Huang makes an appearance in Lewis County Superior Court Friday afternoon in Chehalis.

A Centralia man was arrested Thursday after Lewis County deputies and state troopers said they found a large-scale marijuana growing operation with more than 1,000 illegal marijuana plants on his property.

Chixu Huang, 37, was charged with manufacturing marijuana, a class C felony. He’s being held in the Lewis County Jail, as of Friday, on $100,000 bail.

According to a probable cause affidavit, on Thursday, deputies and troopers served a search warrant in the 1800 block of Little Hanaford Road, east of Centralia.

They reported finding the plants in a detached shop on the property.

“They found over 1,000 growing marijuana plants and 33 dry hanging plants, and a large amount of processed marijuana ready for packaging, distribution and sale,” read court documents.

Huang reportedly said he moved to Washington to grow marijuana and “he knew it was illegal to do so.” Court documents specify he wasn’t licensed by authorities to grow marijuana.

Authorities also reported finding a large sum of cash, exceeding $160,000.

During a hearing in Lewis County Superior Court Friday afternoon, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Will Halstead requested Huang be held on $100,000 bail. He said Huang’s wife, who is unnamed in court documents, is likely to be charged as well. He also said she recently withdrew a large amount of money from a bank account, following Huang’s arrest.

Commissioner Tracy Mitchell granted the request, saying she felt the allegations and the recent withdrawal of funds concerning. Additionally, she denied Huang’s request for court-appointed counsel, saying his assets and funds appeared to be enough to retain his own attorney.

Huang has an arraignment hearing scheduled for June 13.

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Yet the proponents of the legalization told us how much money law enforcement would save not having to go after marijuana laws. Hmm how many hours were spent on this bust?


Are you claiming they are spending more? What's your evidence? Nobody ever claimed there would ZERO spent on enforcement. That argument is absurd, but so Lewis County.


Before you can figure out if legalizing pot is a plus, you have to assign a dollar value to human life. Once you know how much a child or parent is worth then you can figure out the dollar costs due to the increase in pot impaired deaths on our highways. The right to get stoned seems to have trumped public safety and loss of innocent lives.

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