Two more Lewis County residents have died from complications due to COVID-19, Lewis County Public Health and Social Services confirmed Wednesday afternoon. 

There have now been 10 deaths from COVID-19 in Lewis County, six of which have been in the past two weeks. 

Both residents were in their 80s and neither was hospitalized. 

Four new cases of COVID-19 were also announced Wednesday, three of which were in Lewis County Commissioner District 2 and one was in district 3. Three are under 20 years old and one is in their 60s. There have now been 649 cases of COVID-19 in Lewis County. 

Six more people are considered recovered, meaning it has been 28 days since they were diagnosed and they are not hospitalized and still alive. The total number of local recovered cases is 296. 


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Through May 31 there was something like 37 cases and 3 deaths. Now we have 649 cases, 10 deaths, and it seems there is an increasing infection rate and there will be more deaths. It seems we have a huge group of COVID-19 deniers that come out of the woodwork, every time new statistics and deaths come out. Back when we only had 37 cases in the first 3 months, it was hard for people in Lewis County to believe this was real, even though it was ravaging states like New York and some of our neighbors in Yakima and elsewhere. Amazingly, most of these people are still in denial. What will it take? Likely they will hold to their convictions regardless of the number of deaths of our neighbors and older family members.

Vandenberg Law

Weird how we have had a statewide mask mandate since June 23. No one can enter a store without wearing a mask. Few students are gong to classes and most people are trying to maintain a 6 foot distance and yet our cases are increasing.

My guess is that most transmission is from picking up infectious fomite particles off of surfaces like door handles and then touching one's face. I wear gloves when out in public, just to remind myself not to touch my face.

It's not that people are denying the virus, it's just that the government's mandates have been contradictory (remember last March when we were told not to wear masks so that first responders would have them?) and are completely ineffective. if you are truly worried about airborne transmission then everyone should be wearing full face visors because the membranes of the eyes are an entry point for virus, and a visor keeps you from touching your face. How long will we continue to follow advice from a government that has given contradictory and ineffectual instructions? It's been 7 months of emergency powers.....when is it time for us to think for ourselves?


News flash People are NOT wearing masks or following the mandate. Stores are also not enforcing the rules


People are not wearing a mask and the stores are not enforcing the state mandate to wear a mask


This trope is tiresome. Everyone reading this knows perfectly well if you were to find yourself needing surgery, you would not excuse the operating room staff from wearing their masks. People need not only the time to think for themselves. They need the ability.


I live in Chehalis and I can assure you that people living here do not follow the State mandate to wear a mask and also the stores do NOT enforce it either. I was in Safeway the other night and there were at least 10 people defiantly walking around the store without a mask . In line without a mask and I asked the store manager at the front why there are are so many people on here without masks Don’t you enforce the state mask mandate?? She told me No they don’t as if I was asking her the most offensive question on planet earth. Then she volunteered that when she goes to Walmart she just walks right in with no mask and no one “bothers” her. I guess you just can’t fix stupid

Thoughtful Boomer

As the data began to accumulate, doctors acted quickly to hone treatment protocols, now saving many lives. Hopefully, public health officers are equally responsive, choosing the most targeted, minimalist approaches possible. What is incomprehensible is an attitude common in my neck of the woods that wearing masks is "silly", even cowardly! Can't people read? Arizona's infection rate fell 75% once masks were mandated. Masks are one of the easiest, least costly, still effective ways to protect our elderly, critical workers, and selves.


Schools who have decided to teach kids in person are also not following the mandate! It makes no sense to have children go into a cafeteria with masks, sit down, take them off, eat together, carry them outside to recess, play, carry them into the classroom throughout the hall without them on, wash their hands and then put them back on in a classroom full of children. Nonsense!!

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