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Two more deaths  were reported by Lewis County Public Health and Social Services on Saturday, along with 20 new cases since Friday. 

That brings the total number of confirmed cases since March to 674 and the total number of deaths in the county attributed to the virus to 12.

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The deaths reported Saturday were both individuals in their 80s who were not hospitalized at the time. Two deaths of individuals in their 80s were also reported earlier in the week. They also were not hospitalized at the time. 

Lewis County Public Health and Social Services doesn’t release additional information on the locations of the deaths or whether they’re from an ongoing outbreak. Lewis County had four deaths reported last week and eight so far this month.

The county also stopped releasing the number of cases by ZIP code after doing so for just one day. 

The county saw significantly fewer confirmed cases in the week of Oct. 4 to Oct. 10, with a total of 27. In the two weeks prior, the county had 69 and 72 cases, respectively. 

See the most recent weekly update from the county, published prior to the recent deaths, here:

On Friday, one new case was reported — a person in their 40s living in Lewis County Commissioner district 1. 

On Saturday, 13 new cases were reported. Six live in district 1, five in district 2 and two in district 3. Two patients are under 20, one each is in their 20s, 30s and 40s, four are in their 50s, two are in their 60s, one is in their 70s and one is in their 80s. 

On Sunday, another six cases were reported. Three are in district 1, one in district 2 and two in district three. One patient is under 20, two are in their 20s and one each is in their 30s, 40s and 60s. 

The total number of patients considered to be recovered, defined as a person who is alive and not hospitalized 28 days after their diagnosis, stands at 297. 

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The pandemic can be over now. It is dangerous to the very sick and immuno-compromised. It holds very little danger for those under age 70 who are healthy. How do we get through a flu season? We just go on with life, the same thing needs to be done for Covid-19. Take your Vitamins K2, D3, C, Zinc and get sleep. You will likely breeze through an infection.

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