Lewis County Coronavirus Awareness Meeting

John Abplanalp, of Lewis County Public Health, talks about slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus during a public meeting earlier this month. 

Lewis County has confirmed its first case of COVID-19 as of Sunday afternoon. 

The county is posting information on local confirmed cases on its new website: lewiscountywa.gov/departments/public-health/covid-19-information/.

The patient has been identified as a Lewis County resident in their 80s who is currently undergoing medical care. 


“At this time, (Lewis County Public Health and Social Services) is investigating where the patient may have come into contact with the coronavirus, and whom they were in contact with once they became sick,” according to a news release from Lewis County. “This contact investigation process helps limit the spread of disease by tracing all who may have come into contact with a sick person.”

The investigation is also intended to identify other people who may have been exposed and who could spread the disease further. 

“At this time, Lewis County residents in general are still at a low risk,” Lewis County Health Officer Dr. Rachel Wood said in a statement. “A person would have to spend time within six feet of this infected person to be at risk themselves. Anyone who had not, was not exposed to this person.”

Wood said people at the highest risk are over 60 years old and with underlying medical conditions affecting their heart or lungs, and people with diabetes. People at highest risk should “limit social encounters,” she said. 

Wood advised frequent hand washing and similar measures to prevent illnesses. 

“This virus can’t travel on its own,” she said. “It depends on us to transfer it from one person to another. Just taking these few simple precautions every day will have a profound impact on disease spread.”

The county reported last week that it had tested nine people for COVID-19. So far this is the first confirmed case. 


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