COVID-19 Testing

Doctor Robert McElhaney Jr., left, and Jessica Blankenship, conduct drive up COVID-19 swab tests in August at Mary’s Corner Medical Clinic.

Lewis County Public Health and Social Services announced 25 new cases of COVID-19 Monday, bringing the county’s total since March to 1,233. 

Of Monday’s cases, nine were in Lewis County Commissioner District 1, six were in commissioner district 2 and 10 were in district 3. 

One of the patients was under 20, seven were in their 20s, six in their 30s, four in their 40s, two in their 50s, two in their 60s, two in their 70s and one was 80 or over. 

For more information on new cases, go to


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Although we officially haven't been informed, it seems that the SARS-COV-2 virus has made it to our little village of Packwood, with infections reported in employees of 3 of our leading businesses and several other people disclosing they have been tested positive. We've been in a tourism boom since April, so it's really not at all surprising. Would be nice if we could get some numbers out of LC Health to assess our risk, but that's unlikely it seems. The young are coping, but there are a lot of us oldsters here and we are hoping not to get it.


I wish we could get the zip codes as well. I really don't see their point in not posting this information. I know they said some of the towns are small and people could probably figure out who has it...BUT remember these are small towns and people still know/talk, it's a small town!

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