Centralia City Hall is located at 118 W. Maple St. in Centralia.

The Centralia City Council voted to extend the time period for participation in the Centralia CARES COVID-19 Recovery Scrip Program and allow citizens to apply for scrip through Sept. 15 and double the number of script applicants are eligible to receive. 

“We will have a lot of available scrip that has not been requested,” said the city’s finance director Bret Brodersen.

Those who have already applied and have been awarded scrip will receive another round and those who apply through Sept. 15 will receive double the original amounts of $100 up to $250 doubled to $200 up to $500.

“By doing this the city would be spending more of the scrip that has been authorized. If we issue based on what has been allocated today we would go from $17,250 to $34,500,” said Brodersen. The city allocated $50,000 toward the program. The funds left over would be available for applicants who apply through Sept. 10 to Sept. 15. 

“Staff will work to get that scrip sent out as soon as possible so it can still be used by the Sept. 30 deadline which is printed on the scrip that businesses are accepting around town,” he said.

In order to be awarded scrip as a citizen, the individual must reside within the city limits and must either be enrolled in the senior discount program at the City of Centralia utilities or have income levels at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level based on family size. 

Individuals who wish to see they are eligible to receive scrip can contact the city’s finance department at 360-330-7659.

There are 21 local businesses in Centralia that accept Centralia CARES Scrip including — Anderson’s True Value Hardware, Boccata Restaurant, Centralia Automotive, Centralia Auto Center, Centralia Pharmacy, Dawn’s Delectables, Dibbles Odds & Ends, Fruffels, Gather & Grow Childcare Center, Good Health Nutritional Center, Judy’s Country Kitchen, Nelson’s Just Wood Furniture, Pioneer West Garden & Pet Center, Quiznos, Reichert’s Choice Meats, Santa Lucia Coffee, Fuller’s Market Place, Soft Touch Car Wash, South Tower Chevron, Vanity Fair Outlet and Visiting Nurses Thrift Store. Scrip cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages, cannabis products, tobacco products, firearms or ammunition. 

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